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I'm Jeff, a full time, professionally trained voice actor living in Italy. My way of life is what you might call well rounded; I mix business and intrepid exploration in equal measure. I embrace and enjoy new cultures, love meeting new people, and I am always hungry to learn and develop new skills for my trade.


Having lived in Europe for 16 years, I know how to integrate with new markets. I bring with me a huge amount of practical experience from the UK market, (read on if you want to know more), but I like to think of myself as a global communicator, not tied or fixed to any one notion or theory. I treat every new client or job, as a brand new slate. 

What is your challenge for me today?

Jeff's Story

Jeff's life journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From the rolling hills of rural Herefordshire to the vast mountains of Italy where he lives now, he has carved a path through five diverse industries, leaving an indelible mark at every turn.

His love affair with electronics and sound began at the tender age of 10, a passion that ignited a lifelong pursuit. Even in his early teens, Jeff found himself behind the mic, offering commentary at local gymkhanas and setting up PA systems for renowned TV and music artists. Entire weekends were spent immersed in the world of live sound, a passion that would shape his future endeavours.

But Jeff's ambitions didn't stop there. At 16, he embarked on a journey to become an electrical engineer, a goal he achieved by the age of 20. Yet, his passion for communication led him to the airwaves, where he quickly rose from request collector to DJ/presenter at his local hospital radio station. His talent caught the attention of Sunshine Radio, where he landed a coveted Saturday morning show, marking the beginning of a flourishing career in radio.

In 1988, Jeff transitioned into financial services, a move that proved to be immensely successful. However, the lure of his true passion beckoned, and in 1994, he took a leap of faith to establish his own PA hire company.


For 25 years, Jeff provided cutting-edge sound systems for artists across genres, solidifying his reputation as a master of his craft. But Jeff's appetite for challenge was insatiable. In 2008, he relocated to Italy to pursue a new venture in voiceover work. He honed his skills and has quickly became a dominant force in the European market, capturing over 70% of the corporate e-learning sector in Italy alone. His voice graces commercials, wildlife documentaries, and educational programs, earning him recognition as a versatile and sought-after talent.


In 2023, Jeff embarked on yet another chapter of his remarkable journey. He seized the opportunity to train at RADA, one of the most revered acting schools in the world, reaffirming his commitment to continuous growth and learning. Now, armed with newfound skills and even more boundless determination, Jeff sets his sights on a new frontier: acting.

Yet, amidst his professional achievements, Jeff still finds time for extraordinary adventures. From trekking to Everest Base Camp to camping across Africa, from swimming in the Great Barrier Reef to exploring the remote parts of Antartica, Jeff's energy and zest for discovery is palpable. His ambition and stamina is a true testament to his sheer enthusiasm and enjoyment of life, whether it's at work, or play.

If you ask him, hasn't he done enough already? His reply is always: "life has only just begun."

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