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We're in the business of voiceovers

If you were to ask us, what is the most rewarding aspect of our work?

Well, on one day of the week, we might be the English voice for a small agriturismo in Southern Italy to attract a few more visitors to the family business, and the next, it could be a new product launch for a world-class brand. One thing's for certain, we treat everyone individually, and to us, you're very special.

That means you'll always receive the most unique, original, and inviting voice to represent you in whatever you wish to do. Plus, we'll work with you every step of the way to polish off the marketing magic!

As trained business marketers, we have extensive experience in both the UK and US English speaking markets and can help you navigate the way. In general, less is more. With our own brand of marketing style, we can add gravitas, depth, and meaning to your message with very few words!

If you need assistance, just ask. We're friendly, we listen, we observe, and we're dedicated to getting it perfect!

How much does a voiceover cost?

Not as much as you might think. For example, a 1 minute voiceover would cost 70E*


For 2 minutes, it would cost just 95E*


And, if you wanted me to narrate a tour guide or to inform visitors about a special attraction in story telling style, a text of around 2,000 words would cost only 160E


* Above prices are for use on a website only, (broadcast channels or YouTube pre-roll fees extra).

Please ask for an exact price for your project

Ciao, I'm Wendy

I work alongside Jeff to offer our clients the very best in English Female voiceovers

I could tell you all about my experience with companies such as Balfour Beaty, Jaguar Land Rover and Viking cruises, but I think its better for you to have a listen to what I can do for yourself

Wendy Liscia
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