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​Hiring a voiceover

​Have you ever asked yourself how easy it is to use a voiceover for your project?

Well, its as easy as A,B,C. Once you have your pictures, or video footage for your project you’ll need to write a draft script. We advise you to use a script writer, or media pro as they generally know what works, and what doesn’t.

But, if you feel comfortable with writing a promotion, by all means have a go! The script can change and develop, so don’t worry about it being word perfect to start off with.

​Things to think about..

Start off with a catchy intro; you need to hook the viewer into watching the entire ad, so the opener is absolutely the key to success. When writing your story for the narration, don’t overdo it. A good rule of thumb is, if the pictures can tell the story, allow this to happen; its really not necessary for the voiceover to explain the glaringly obvious, only the hidden elements you cannot see!

​How many words do I need??

We maintain for a 30 second commercial (depending on the style of delivery), 50-60 words is ample for a ‘soft sell’ commercial, up to 75 for something more‘upbeat’, any more than that is high speed selling. We do not recommend high speed selling or the maximum amount of words possible for any premium quality product.

If your commercial is over 30 secs, simply apply the above word count x the total amount of time. Of course, in videos, time does not have to be filled with words, the final presentation will decide how much voiceover works best in your film.

We are artists, we enhance and paint your picture in tone...

Once you have your basic script, send it in. There is an example here of how most VO artists prefer to receive a script. Rather than just write the text, it helps to know the target market, general tone you require, and any specifics.

So, if you are selling mechanical gears, it will be a more technical tone, i.e. clear, decisive, but very user-friendly; if you are making jewellery, the tone will be lighter, more elegant, reflect beauty, and delicate craftsmanship; and if you have a furniture business where your skills have been handed down through the generations, we’ll sell your family’s passion and history in a mood and style to reflect your commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and dedication to the business. The type of notes on the example, are very useful to us.

Also, a word.doc is preferred. Please remember, if the picture tells the story, the voiceover should only contribute to the non-visual element.

But, what if I don’t like the audio you send?

No problem. We’ll work with you to find a different tone, maybe faster, slower, more emotional. Sometimes, a script may need a tweak here and there to make things sit

correctly with the video. Allow such changes to happen, we don’t mind. Remember, you are dealing with a human, and we wish to reflect your desires in our mood, emotion, and delivery. That’s what we are trained to do – that is why you hire us!

Voiceover session


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