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Ciao, I’m

Jeff Lavoce

Voice Over Artist / Actor

Jeff Lavoce Voice Over artist




Why do savvy
creators hire a good global 


Your message gets across in the best way possible


It maximises your income


A good voice relates to your audience

And it's not just a male voice, I work with Wendy, a female voiceover, which means we have all bases covered.


Our voices work for very large companies, and small ones too


Prices are reasonable, we're flexible


We offer credit terms for ongoing clients, and we accept credit cards


About Me

Im a full time, professionally trained voice actor living in Italy for 16 years. I've learned quite a lot about the Italian way of doing things, but as a native English businessman and artist, I also know a lot about the US and UK markets.


Did you know? I have 35 years of global experience at my fingertips


I can guide you through the maze, from making sure your copy sounds great, to pointing out what different nationalities really want to hear in your story or promotion, making sure your promotion works in the most effective way possible. 

Dino S. Actor, Italy.

“I have worked with Jeff for over 12 years. His professionalism and courtesy is exemplary, his patience is a virtue. If you hand a job to Jeff, its in very safe hands! He is also kind, and a pleasure to work with"

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